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Innovation and Technology

Innovation and Technology, the growth path of industrial engineering

To speak of innovation is to position Brazilian companies in a prominent position at a global level in industrial engineering and heavy construction. Hence the importance of engineering 4.0 in working on an open innovation program.

There are large investments planned for the next 10 years in energy, infrastructure, basic sanitation, housing and urban mobility, and civil construction needs to be prepared to add new technologies.

Due to the demand that is happening or about to happen, there are estimates of productivity gains, which should take the country to the technological frontier of the E&C activity. This means that with ambitious goals, well-designed plans and articulation between economic actors, the country can be a global exponent in Construction 4.0.

For ABEMI, it is imperative to promote the growth of the Industrial Engineering and Heavy Construction sector through innovation and digital transformation of companies.

With this philosophy in mind, he created the ProEC 4.0 Institute to stimulate, promote and provide research and development of technological innovations for the activities of the engineering and construction sector, in addition to disseminating the production and transfer of technological knowledge.

One of the objectives of ProEC Institute is to implement the Nucleus of Engineering & Construction in Sorocaba (NECSOR), in the PTS, Parque Tecnológico de Sorocaba (SP), which will have an external physical environment, where equipment used in “digital construction sites” will be operating and available for research and development activities , teaching, testing, etc.

NESCOR will also have an internal environment, where equipment for design in BIM, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), drones, laser-scan and others will be installed and in operation.

For ABEMI, innovation and technology are fundamental for development, because they allow adding new methods, processes, products and more efficient services with greater productivity for its members. And for associates, they mean greater competitiveness in the market, financial return and an increase in the level of employment and income.

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