Circulo Amarelo Esq

Work committees

Monitoring of legislative changes of interest to associates and issue of guiding legal opinions on the most relevant topics in the sector. Legal support for the institutional manifestations of the ABEMI promotion and protection of the market in which it operates.

Expand the dissemination of the Association's actions. Give opportunity for Associates publicize their actions and projects.

Estimular o diálogo e alinhamento de interesses comuns
with class entities and associations in the industrial area,
of engineering and infrastructure.

Promote the dissemination of new technologies in the area of ​​Waste to Energy.

Monitor the development of the electricity sector in the areas of generation (renewable and traditional sources), transmission and distribution. Participate in the development of energy transition markets. Permanent participation in FASE – Forum of Electric Sector Associations.

Foster the adoption of good practices ESG by the Industrial Engineering sector, through the consistent study of the main risks and opportunities involving each of the variables, the approach to technical and practical aspects, the construction of a materiality matrix and the analysis of goals and metrics available in the market.

Analysis and discussions about the new NR's.
Support in the exchange of information in meetings, workshops and seminars.

Promote the dissemination of new technologies and engineering practices applied to the
Sanitation sector. Interact with the "stakeholders” public and private.

• Engineering, Planning and New Technologies
• Investments and Project Structuring
• Market monitoring of the Sanitation Legal Framework

O ProEC 4.0 Institute tem o objetivo de estimular, fomentar e prover pesquisas e desenvolvimentos de inovações tecnológicas para as atividades do setor de engenharia e construção, além de disseminar a produção e transferência de conhecimento tecnológico.