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Message from the president

Joaquim Maia, Presidente
Joaquim Maia, President

It is with great pride and with a deep sense of responsibility that I assume the presidency of ABEMI  for the three-year period 2022 to 2025. This challenge I only accepted because I was fully convinced that I will not be alone. I will count on the support of the other members of this list who agreed to share the journey with me for the next three years and especially for the important participation of Vice President Maria Michielin. 

This management has the privilege of receiving a consolidated Association, returning to its protagonism, financially recovered, thanks to the edifying, resilient and visionary work carried out by the now ex-President Gabriel Aidar Abouchar and his Board, to whom we thank.

My history with this important Association goes back a long way. I participated as a statutory director of ABEMI for eight terms. At ABEMI, I was responsible for implementing and managing the PNQP (National Professional Qualification Plan), qualifying 85,000 professionals for the engineering and construction market.

In the term that now ends, as appointed director, I was responsible for the Sanitation, Environment and Solid Waste WG. I also led the group for the development and implementation of the Permanent Compliance Committee, acting as Compliance Officer.

Thus, with this acquired experience, added to the capacity of the board of directors, we will continue the projects and actions already started and work on the tripod ESG, Transition and Energy Security, Industry 4.0, as well as the continuous search for operational efficiency for the benefit of our Associates and our community. We will emphasize sustainability actions, seeking even greater dialogue with other Class Entities, the Executive Branch and the National Congress.

Our goal is to prepare the sector for digital transformation through construction 4.0. It is worth mentioning that the ProEC 4.0 Institute, (Brazilian Engineering and Construction Program 4.0) recently created in a visionary way by the management that ends, in which ABEMI is a partner of the IE - Institute of Engineering, SINICON, Delloite and Parque Tecnologico de Sorocaba, incorporates the implementation of NECSOR (Nucleo de Engenharia e Construção de Sorocaba), a future center for the development and application of these innovative technologies.

We know that ABEMI has an important role in the construction of public policies that will benefit the engineering and industrial construction sectors. Thus, it is our role to strengthen and expand our working groups in Basic Sanitation (including the energy use of urban solid waste), Generation (with special attention to renewable and clean energy sources),  Transmission and Distribution Systems,  ESG (Environmental Social and Governance), Legal (Tax, Labor and Contractual Relations, Economic and Financial Balance, LGPD - General Data Protection Law, Means of Friendly Conflict Resolution), QHSE (Quality, Safety, Environment and Health) and Productivity.

Of outstanding importance is the continuation and expansion of our agreement and partnerships such as CII – Contruction Industry Institute – Texas University Austin; with TRACE – Washington DC aiming at certification in Compliance with global recognition and with the Lean Institute Brazil for the dissemination of Lean Construction practices.

We also have to be aware of opportunities in the Oil and Gas sector, since recent international events have shown the country's dependence on adapting and modernizing the oil refining park, transporting and distributing natural gas, for which Brazil has big reservations. Another strategic issue for Brazil and also for ABEMI is the local production of fertilizers represented by the critical dependence on imports of these inputs with a direct impact on agribusiness, the main and competitive productive sector of the Brazilian economy.

Given the concentration of investments in production offshore by Petrobras and International Operators, ABEMI decided to create the Board Offshore. I'm sure this will be an innovative management. And confirming the words of our vice president, Maria Michielin, we are going to exercise horizontal leadership, through the improvement of governance that represents the unity of all. Our work philosophy will be to think of the collective with resilience and commitment.

Joaquim Maia