ABEMI connects people and companies and defends the interests of the industrial engineering sector in an organized way.

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Circulo Amarelo Esq
Pillars of action


(Environmental, Social and Governance)

Innovation, Technology


Reasons to join

ABEMI has been strengthened by the growth and relevance of its Associated Companies. Furthermore, as a member, your organization will be entitled to other actions and services.

Governance and Compliance applied in our day-to-day actions (Compliance Committee, Code of Ethics and Partnership with Trace International – Compliance Certification)

Political action to defend the sector, with leadership and influence with public and private authorities. Leader of the Coalition for the Competitiveness of Natural Gas Raw Material (CCGNMP) and participation in groups in the Infrastructure, Sanitation, Tax Reform and Steel sectors.

National and international strategic partners offer cutting-edge technology, ESG certifications, as well as best practices in engineering and projects for our associates.

We understand and promote the sectors in which we operate, with the aim of offering the best solutions and benefits for our associates.

Events, seminars, webinars, round tables, courses in company in line with the latest trends in the sector.

Support for the safety, health and environmental areas of companies, with exchanges of experiences.

Auditorium with capacity for up to 150 people in a comfortable space for holding events, ceremonies and courses.

Become an ABEMI affiliated company

Support for business development, access to markets, expansion of a relationship network, training and exclusive discounts for products and services.

The strength of companies

The associated companies are responsible for the most important projects in the country in the sectors of: energy, oil and gas, petrochemicals and chemicals, steel and mining, industrial infrastructure, paper and cellulose.

Hydraulic Energy

Hydroelectric, Thermoelectric, Nuclear and Renewable Plants


Gas Processing and Transport

Paper Roll

Chemical and Petrochemical Pulp and Paper

Oil Platform

Exploration, Production and Pipeline Platforms of Petroleum

Power Plant

Oil Refineries, Industrial Facilities and Terminals

Excavator (2)

Steel Plants and Mining Enterprises


Subways, Railways and Sanitation. works by Infrastructure

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Learn more about ABEMI with the institutional presentation (available in Portuguese and English).


ABEMI Committees

ABEMI offers the best services to put your company at the forefront of technology, innovation and compliance

Strategic Alliances
Recycle Bin
Energy Use of Solid Waste
Communication and Marketing
Institutional Relations
Offshore Platform
Planet Earth
Sanitation and Environment
SMS and Productivity
Innovation and Technology
Circulo Amarelo Esq

ABEMI Partnership


CAMARB (Business Mediation and Arbitration Chamber – Brazil) – Partnership aimed at promoting solutions for its members in extrajudicial resolutions of commercial conflicts in the engineering and civil construction sector.

Lean Institute Brasil

Lean Institute
The Lean Institute Brazil (LIB) methodology uses tools and concepts adapted for the sector, which significantly increase the
productivity, efficiency and quality, in addition to leveraging innovation initiatives, such as
BIM, digitalization and industrialization.

Cropped Logo Proec4.0 01

ProEC 4.0 (Brazilian Institute of Engineering and Construction 4.0) – Promote sustainable growth in the Industrial Engineering and Heavy Construction sector through innovation and digital transformation of companies. Creation of NECSOR (Sorocaba Engineering and Construction Center) at PTS (Sorocaba Technology Park).


CII (Construction
Industry Institute)
A global reference in innovation and good practices in the capital projects industry, it seeks to make ABEMI the protagonist of the leap in performance in the engineering and construction industry in Brazil. 


Trace International
– As part of ABEMI’s commitment to complying with international standards of compliance and integrity, the agreement signed with Trace International in 2019,
has been renewed every year.

Faça parte da nossa rede

Seja uma empresa filiada ABEMI. A Associação tem um papel importante na construção de políticas públicas que venham beneficiar os setores de atuação da engenharia e construção industrial. 


Circulo Amarelo Esq
Quote (1)
Oscar Simonsen Junior

“With ABEMI I had the opportunity to interact with leaders in the engineering, construction and assembly sector. ABEMI offers representation and reduces the exposure of member companies in collective actions.”

Oscar Simonsen Junior

President Montcalm Montagens Industriais - associated since 1973

Rafael Ribeiro De Mendonca Lima
Quote (1)

“ABEMI plays a fundamental role in bringing together companies in the sector, strengthening their representation, promoting knowledge sharing, networking, strategic partnerships, as well as business opportunities.”

Rafael Ribeiro Mendonça Lima

Commercial director at Toyo Setal - member since 2010

Cedric Romano
Quote (1)

“In these more than ten years as members of ABEMI, we have had the opportunity to actively participate in management. I am sure that this partnership will continue to drive the growth and excellence of industrial engineering”

Cedric Romano

Director of Operations at DBR Energies - member since 2012

Jaime Llopis
Quote (1)

“At ABEMI, we find a space for continuous learning, exchanging experiences and contributing to the advancement of the sector. It is a community where synergy between companies translates into real opportunities to shape a more promising future”

Jaime Llopis

President of Cobra - member since 2022



Make your membership request by filling out the form below: