ABEMI participates in the celebrations of the 10th anniversary of the Technological Park of Sorocaba

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ABEMI, represented by its executive director, Matias Fernandez, and by the director of the ProEC 4.0 Institute, Mauricio Godoy, participated in the celebrations of 10 years of activities at the Parque Tecnológico de Sorocaba (PTS), on November 7th and 8th. The commemorative event was attended by the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovations, Paulo Alvim, in addition to several municipal and state authorities.

On the occasion, the minister spoke about technological projections for Brazil and the region, and also about industry 4.0. “We've already done some actions and partnerships that came to the city and with that scientific-technological knowledge overflows for companies in the region. Sorocaba and its surroundings have a tradition and business power and such businesses need to be supported because they end up generating a work code, invoices and thus society advances”, he highlighted.
The PTS today brings together 40 companies, 10 higher education institutions and six laboratories, in addition to 37 startups connected to incubation programs, which generate visits and recognition from entrepreneurs and supporters of technological modernization. However, for the coming months, the expectation is for progress.

Digital beds

In this space, the NESCOR 4.0 (Engineering and Construction Center) will be built, which will have an external physical environment, where equipment used in “digital construction sites” will be operating and available for research and development activities, teaching, testing, etc. It is worth emphasizing that this Nucleus is the result of the ProEC 4.0 Institute, which has as participants the entities ABEMI, the Institute of Engineering (IE) and the National Union of the Heavy Construction Industry – Infrastructure (SINICON), in addition to the partnership with Deloitte and with the Technological Park of Sorocaba (PTS).

The Institute was born in 2021, as ABEMI's board realized the importance of stimulating, fostering and providing research and development of technological innovations for activities in the engineering and construction sector; in addition to disseminating the production and transfer of technological knowledge. In this way, highlights Godoy, “Brazil needs to once again become a reference when it comes to industrial engineering and heavy construction. Hence, the Institute and NESCOR come to occupy this space in the sector, having as one of their mottos the application of technology and innovation to gain productivity.

The president of the Sorocaba Technological Park, Nelson Cancellara, also referred to the importance of the event. “For us, at Parque Tecnológico, it is a great pleasure to be celebrating these 10 years of work, in which, in addition to promoting the development of new technologies, we promote training and professional improvement, through courses, lectures and events offered to the population, which contribute a lot to the supply of specialized labor in our region”, he commented.

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Photo Caption: (Left to Right) Nelson Cancellara (PTS President); Viviane Nunes (SINICON Institutional Relations director); Danielle Ávila (Deloitte); Maurício Godoy (director of ABEMI and ProEC Institute) and Matias Fernandez (executive director of ABEMI).


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